Gain Your AgencyBloc Data Management Certification at BlocBuilder 2024!

Join us for our inaugural certification course to learn best practices for achieving accurate and consistent data, using data to grow your business, and creating sustainable processes for managing your data with AgencyBloc’s suite of industry-specific solutions! 

Sunday, April 14th | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

AgencyBloc Data Management Certification Course & Lunch

Monday, April 15th | 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Exam & Course Wrap-Up

Only 30 spots are available for this inaugural certification course.

To attend, you MUST purchase both a BlocBuilder Ticket (Monday & Tuesday) and a Certification Course Add-On Ticket (Sunday & Monday AM). Additional details below.

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Key Highlights

On Sunday, April 14th, before the full first day of BlocBuilder 2024, join AgencyBloc training expert Tasha Fitzgerald for the inaugural certification course. Final exam and course wrap-up will take place the morning of Monday, April 15th.

More than 328.77 quintillion bytes of data are created each day all over the world (that’s 328.77 followed by a staggering 16 zeros!). Data is essential for the growth and prosperity of any health and life insurance agency. With effective data management, people across your agency can find and access the data they need to be successful in their role.  

In this session, you will learn:

How to Successfully Import & Update Data

Learn best practices for preparing and adjusting your data prior to using the AgencyBloc Import Utility to ensure successful imports.

Internal & External Data Driven Communication Usage

Let your data work for you and create efficiency throughout your agency with workflow automation and email marketing.

Reporting & Data Analysis

Discover how your data can allow you to monitor success, understand trends, and make informed decisions for the future by using AgencyBloc’s Custom Report builder.

Seamless Data Management

Set yourself up for success by ensuring consistency in the way your data is managed.

Ticket Access

PLEASE NOTE: To attend the AgencyBloc Data Management Certification Course, you will need to purchase a BlocBuilder Ticket (Monday & Tuesday) and a Certification Course Add-On Ticket (Sunday & Monday AM).

This inaugural certification course is for AgencyBloc clients with administrative access who are comfortable managing data in Excel and responsible for executing strategic initiatives in your organization. Examples of roles at your agency who will benefit most are: Administrators, Systems Analysts, Platform Managers, Process Specialists, and Product Owners. To support professional development and further education, this certification includes an expectation that the course participants actively work to increase their personal capabilities, skills, and knowledge.

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