Meet One-On-One with AgencyBloc Reps!

BlocBuilder is a chance for Members of The Bloc to come together, learn from one another, and expand their knowledge. This year, we’re offering two ways to meet 1-on-1 with a member of the AgencyBloc team: Success Lab Sessions and AgencyBloc Solution Demos. Get your tickets for BlocBuilder 2024!

The Success Lab

This is an opportunity for attendees to schedule a 25-minute session with a member of the AgencyBloc Client Success Team.

Your Success Lab Session will include:

  • Time to go over anything related to your account
  • The chance to work through your particular AgencyBloc solution-related question
  • An opportunity to experiment with how you can better leverage your account

During your Success Lab Session, you’ll meet one-on-one with a member of the AgencyBloc Client Success Team for time dedicated to you, your needs, and your account. This is your time to experiment, try new things, and expand your AgencyBloc knowledge. Come alone or bring others from your agency to get the most out of your Success Lab session.

AgencyBloc Demos

See why leading life, health, senior, and benefits agencies of all sizes recommend AgencyBloc with a personalized 1-on-1 demo. AgencyBloc Demos will take place in the vendor hall at BlocBuilder.

Your demo will include:

  • A walkthrough of our #1 Agency Recommended Platform and ask questions on features and functionality most important to your agency's needs
  • Time to ask questions regarding data migration, account support, and more about the experience of being a Member of The Bloc

During your demo, meet one-on-one with an AgencyBloc representative and get a walk-through of our industry-specific solutions.

Success Lab Sessions and AgencyBloc Demos are limited. After you’ve registered for BlocBuilder 2024, be on the lookout in February for an email about how to sign up for your 1:1 session. 


We’re here to help! For questions or comments about BlocBuilder 2024, contact us at