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Industry thought leads, AgencyBloc clients, and AgencyBloc's team members will be leading sessions, panels, roundtables, and networking with you all. Grab your tickets so you take part!

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BlocBuilder 2022 Speakers

Keynote Speakers 

Erik Dominguez | Keynote Day 1

While everyone has a story, few are ever given the tools to share it. Erik Dominguez has committed his life to training others how to speak up for themselves. With boundless energy and a team-oriented mindset, he believes that everyone can share their minds and hearts with confidence, power, and, yes, a LOT of fun!

Dr. Bill Withers | Keynote Day 2

Dr. Bill Withers is a unique speaker, and his love for "Aloha shirts" is only part of his story! Bill has served many advisory boards and councils over the years and contributed to three books in leadership and customer service. Today he continues to serve organizations of all sizes in the areas of public relations, quality customer service, organizational change, and leadership development.

AgencyBloc PARTNER Speakers

Andrew Wayt | Producer at IFC National Marketing

Since 2009, Andrew Wayt has focused on joint work and helping other agents uncover opportunities in their existing book of business. He is also a producer. Join Andy at BlocBuilder during the Putting the Blocs Together Panel and the A 360° View of Your Clients: Creating More Touchpoints to Improve Retention & Growth Session.

Elka Soussana | Owner of Simpler Horizons

Elka Soussana has owned her agency, Simpler Horizons, since 2012. Simpler Horizons is a Medicare-focused agency dedicated to "making Medicare simple." At BlocBuilder, Elka will be part of the Putting the Blocs Together Panel to share her tips and tricks to help you learn more and grow with AgencyBloc.

Michelle de Guzman | Owner of Michelle's Insurance Solutions

Michelle de Guzman has been an insurance agent for 22+ years, specializing in Medicare Plans. As a top-performing producer for many years, Michelle struck out on her own and started her Medicare agency, Michelle's Insurance Solutions. Join Michelle at BlocBuilder for the Putting the Blocs Together Panel to hear how she uses AgencyBloc to find success.

Naama O. Pozniak | Founder & CEO of Rightplan

Naama O. Pozniak has over 30+ years of experience in the benefits industry. As a healthcare innovator, meditation teacher, and radical speaker, she is a market disruptor and influencer dedicated to educating others around her. Join Naama at BlocBuilder for the Putting the Blocs Together Panel to learn how she uses AgencyBloc to help her agency thrive.

Susan Plumer | VP of Sales/Market Leader for ConnectureDRX

Susan Plumer has been instrumental in giving multicarriers more visibility in the Medicare industry, creating new distribution networks between FMOs, agencies, health plans, and seniors, and developing innovative sales strategies for agencies to grow their business. At BlocBuilder, join Susan for a Q&A session about AgencyBloc's Medicare Edge integration.

AgencyBloc Speakers

Allison Babberl | Product Marketing Specialist

Allison has been a Member of The Bloc since 2016 and specializes in all things content. As a Product Marketing Specialist, she works closely with clients and internal AgencyBloc team members to create content that educates, inspires, and helps enact change. Outside of the office, Allison can be found practicing yoga, tending to her plants, reading a good book, or getting lost in the world.

Kelly Kimmich | VP of Client Success

Kelly joined AgencyBloc in 2019 and serves as a strategic lead for the Client Success team. With a background in marketing, she's honed in on enhancing the Member of The Bloc experience. Kelly is passionate about balancing people and processes to improve retention, growth, and experiences. Outside of the office, Kelly enjoys DIY projects, photography, and spending time with her husband and four kids.

Kelsey Rosauer | Brand Manager

Kelsey is a Certified Brand Strategist and has been with AgencyBloc since 2014. As AgencyBloc's Brand Manager, Kelsey focuses on creating a consistent voice that is relatable and recognizable for everyone who connects with AgencyBloc. When she's away from her desk, Kelsey enjoys spending time with her husband, two daughters, and labradoodle, drinking good coffee or wine, and cheering on North Carolina basketball.

Megan Kraft | Client Success Manager

Bringing more than 13 years of customer success and sales experience, Megan came to AgencyBloc in 2020. As a Client Success Manager, Megan works one-on-one with clients to help them integrate AgencyBloc's tools and features to find success throughout their agency. When she's home, Megan enjoys spending time with her two kids, traveling, playing golf and tennis, and cheering on her favorite team: the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Sam Zobel | Tier 2 Client Support Specialist

Sam joined the AgencyBloc team in 2021. As a Tier 2 Client Support Specialist with 5+ years of technical knowledge, Sam bridges the gap between customer service and technical support to help our clients achieve their goals. Outside of the office, Sam helps on her parent's farm, chases her three dogs, and spends time with her beloved niece.

Sara Hughes | Client Success Manager

Sara joined AgencyBloc's Client Success team following the acquisition of GBS in December 2017, where she served in a similar role for three years. As a Client Success Manager for AgencyBloc, she guides clients in the transition to AgencyBloc and is passionate about ensuring ongoing satisfaction and expanded use of AgencyBloc features. Outside of work, you can find Sara cooking, gardening, sewing, and quilting.

Sarah Brammer | Product Manager

Sarah has been with AgencyBloc since 2020. She's worked as a business analyst and product manager for 10+ years and brings that expertise to our ever-evolving agency management system. As a Product Manager, she works to bring important enhancements and integrations to AgencyBloc. Outside of work, you can find Sarah hiking with her dog, Bowie, traveling the world, and hunting for vintage & antique treasures.

Steve Ogden | Sales Manager

Steve has been managing sales teams and selling for SaaS (Software as a Service) technology for over 15 years, the last six at AgencyBloc. As Sales Manager for AgencyBloc, he helps the sales team empathize with prospects and present AgencyBloc as a solution to their pain points. When not at work, Steve enjoys watching football and spending time with his wife and dog.

Tasha Fitzgerald | Implementation Specialist

Tasha has worked in the life & health insurance industry for 22 years, 14 of those as a life and health agent and the last eight at AgencyBloc on the Client Success Team. As an Implementation Specialist, she helps clients successfully transition to AgencyBloc, feeling empowered to use it to enhance their own business. Outside of the office, Tasha enjoys reading, snuggling with their pug, Hazel, and baking.

Tayler Hassman | Product Manager

Tayler joined AgencyBloc in 2018, bringing a wealth of project management experience to help manage and drive the growth of our platform. As a Product Manager, she helps plan, coordinate, and implement new features and enhancements in AgencyBloc. Tayler strives each day to connect the existing and planned features of AgencyBloc with the needs of our clients. Outside of work, Tayler loves teaching her daughter Spanish and escaping into books.

Taylor Behrens | RevOps Technology Specialist

Taylor joined AgencyBloc in 2018 and served in a couple of different roles on both the Sales and Client Success teams before recently joining the RevOps team as a Technology Specialist. She excels in communication and enjoys solving problems and removing roadblocks on the path to company goals. Outside of the office, Taylor spends time with her nieces and nephews, watching movies, cooking, and eating lots of pizza.

Tori Heerts | Data Specialist

Tori has been a Member of The Bloc for seven years. She has worn many hats in the Client Success arena and has become one of the company's top data experts. As a Data Specialist, Tori helps new clients import and set up their data correctly in their AgencyBloc account. Outside of work, Tori is an outdoor enthusiast and often be found taking long walks or enjoying a pint with friends.


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